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Compliance vs. Complacency – Showing Up

There has been quite a bit of discussion lately about showing up and doing your job. The current pandemic has messed with our heads, we are worried about our jobs, worried about our health, and our family’s health and safety. It is no wonder we are having trouble concentrating on work.

Now, more than ever, management review controls are essential. I have a client who says that “showing up and doing your job” is the best control for any organization. I couldn’t agree more. So, how can we make sure that we are showing up and that our employees are showing up?

Our first hurdle is that more employees are working from home. In our current environment, we can’t completely monitor if they are physically present at their job, much less mentally present. In addition, working from home brings the added distractions of children, pets, even laundry. We can’t monitor moods. Are they worried, depressed, anxious, or just going stir crazy? Now is the time to be checking in with folks, talking to them, showing that we care as managers and friends. Have regular virtual meetings with staff as a whole AND individually. Encourage openness and an exchange of ideas and concerns.

Our second hurdle is ourselves. If you are the employee working from home, don’t be afraid to ask someone to check behind you. Is your tone right in an email response? Are you struggling with a new concept, or having trouble reconciling an account? Reach out to someone at work; I am sure they could use the break and wouldn’t mind helping out. One thing I have found in this pandemic is just how friendly everyone is when you ask for help.

As risk managers, take a closer look at the management review controls in the company. Give the person executing the control a call before their execution date. Talk to them about the current situation and ask them to pay closer attention to their review. Ask them to take the time to review the actual execution to make sure that the controls were executed as designed. They might discover that some controls are no longer necessary or relevant, given some “Work from Home” changes.

Do you have any tips or stories about being present, showing up, and/or management review controls?

I look forward to hearing from you.

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